Monday, December 22, 2014

Time Machine everybody?

Deep in my heart I regretted knowing this one girl, we were in the point of telling each other's deepest problem to knowing each other. We were able to read our mind or maybe its just me and she didnt or she just didnt care bout mine. LOL?

Do you ever encounter a tweet cus I have that quoted; you will have/have this one friend who is now a stranger. Yeah, I got that feeling like seriously. Okay let me be honest...

I got attached and it was so awful I feel like I need a time machine and go back in time and just stay away from her. Plus, she has someone but still throughout that semester we knew each other its so hard for me to forgot. Theres also some 'rumors' that I kinda enjoyed but still rumors are rumors and Im sure as hell not gonna tell what the rumors are.

A month ago, I did think about her but then she popped up on my whatsapp. I was so relieved and kinda in joy cus hell yeah she remembered me! Apparently, she asked me about her fucking certificate that I need to do(I wasnt supposed to do the certificate for all crews on the CFOF event but got caught up with that. I hate that! SO MUCH) and I still didnt do it cus I wasnt up for it with all these shitty feelings like FOR GOD SAKE I dont even know which major I'm gonna pick next year!

Looking at her feed on my Facebook wall gives me this suicidal regret(not suicidal enough to do the suicide btw dont worry and this part isnt in this blog deal k jk not jk) and not wanting to even know her. Okay, its totally my fault for getting attached but still, all those regretting was all on me I wished I can just stay away from her. I think thats what you got for being this incapable of filling the physical need of women, you get attached easily.

My life sucks! YOURE WELCOME!

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